The Kilmarnock Edition
    The Kilmarnock Edition began performing as a group in 1983 at Kaiapoi’s Balmoral Restaurant, where they  featured as regular guest artists. Audiences enjoyed their musical vocal and instrumental style and the group’s popularity grew rapidly.
    Southern Regional Arts Council sponsored concerts ensured that The Kilmarnock Edition was heard throughout the South Island. The group featured as guest artists at the Wellington International Festival of The Arts in 1992.
    The Kilmarnock Edition played to its largest audience to date when the group sang   “Flower Of Scotland “, the Scottish national song, at Dunedin’s Carisbrook prior to the All Blacks vs Scotland Rugby International in 1995.
    The group continues to entertain at Celtic gatherings, and has featured at several Scottish Extravaganza Concerts in Christchurch’s James Hay Theatre.
    Many national and international conferences have engaged the group to entertain their delegates, and local organisations continue to request  annual performances. The Kilmarnock Edition have frequently given their time and talent to fund-raising events for charitable organisations.
    The Kilmarnock Edition has produced 4 commercial recordings. Two cassettes –“Heritage” and “Roses of Prince Charlie” -  were released in 1990 by Kiwi Pacific Records. “From Far Horizons “ was released on CD and cassette by Ode Records in 1995. This album received a favourable review by the international magazine “ Scottish Field “, and a Five Star review from The Press in Christchurch. Their latest album, “On Distant Shores” is to be released in late July, 2006.
    Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Kilmarnock Edition,  John Doig (vocals), Dayle Hadlee (vocals, guitars, mandolin), Richard Butler (vocals, guitar, banjo) and Murray Compton (vocals, piano accordion, keyboards), have a great deal of fun at their regular rehearsals and engagements, and continue to develop their repertoire.
    The group’s name derives from the first edition of Robert Burns’ works, which was published in Kilmarnock.
    The Kilmarnock Edition is available for engagements for a negotiated fee. Their CD’s are available for sale at NZ$25.00 each (plus freight).
The Kilmarnock Edition
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The Band’s Sound
“On Distant Shores” is the Kilmarnock Edition’s fourth commercial recording. We have provided a 45 second sample to give you a taste of the band’s sound.
The track is titled “The Bonnie Lass O’Fyvie” A tale from the seige of Fyvie castle in Aberdeenshire, in 1642.